Patmos Island enchanting and distinguished is in the northern point of Dodekanisa island complex. Each visitor feels the respect and awe of the picturesque villages, the houses painted bright white, the small churches, narrow streets and the imposing stone monastery of Saint Ioannis of Theologian. Patmos is between Ikaria and Leros islands. It is full of quiet and beautiful beaches with light blue waters. On the top of the mountain is located the monastery of Saint Ioannis of Theologian, the most important monument of the island, which was built in 1088 from monk Christodoulos. This impressive monastery built from local stone, dominates regally the landscape being an important place of worship, while crowds of Christians visit it in order to enjoy piously this unique spiritual heritage and admire the beauty and the calmness.

In Patmos is also the cavern of Revelation, where according to tradition, Saint Ioannis wrote the Revelation when came in 95 AD banished of Roman emperor Domitianos. In short distance from the cavern you will meet Patmiada Faculty, which was founded in 1713 and functioned as ecclesiastical faculty. In Patmos there are a lot of picturesque villages with stone paved squares, narrow streets, small churches and traditional buildings. Skala is the capital and the harbour of island, where boats anchor and it abstains 3 km. from Chora. Chora is a medieval settlement and unfolds round the monastery of Saint Ioannis. The holy island of Patmos, with religious atmosphere, is ideal for having quiet holidays. Apart from the historical and cultural tradition, it offers also amazing landscapes with sinuous coasts and beautiful beaches. It is worth visiting Griko, Psili Ammos, the kato Kampos, the Agrio Livadi, Diakofti, Lampi and Chochlaka. Due to the religious tradition of the island, it is worth visiting it apart from summertime but also Easter, while local events and fetes take place during Holy week.

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How to get to there

How to get to Patmos Island:
By boat from the port of Piraeus Piraeus port authorities: (+30) 210 4226000-4, 210 4511310-17

Useful Phone Numbers for Patmos Island:
Island Port Authorities : (+30) 22470 31231 Island Police: (+30) 22470 31303 Island Medical centre: (+30) 22470 31211